Mortgage Market Analysis, (Local Currency) Mortgage Product Design, Legal-Regulatory Policy Design, Housing Finance Institution Design

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Note: this section covers my structural development work in mortgage finance.

  • for my crisis-related mortgage sector work, see section on Crisis Management.
  • for my work related to access to credit mechanism in housing / mortgage finance, i.e. contract savings for housing and insurance, see section on Access to Credit.
  • for my work related to mortgage capital markets, i.e. MBS and covered bonds, see section on Capital Markets.

Selected project references mortgage market / products / policy / institutions

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Selected presentations mortgage market / products / policy / institutions

Local Currency Housing Finance Instruments adapted to High Inflation and/or Real Interest Rates“, Workshop held at the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, September 2017.

Action Plan for Housing Finance Policy for Kyrgyzstan“, Workshop held at the State Mortgage Company, Bishkek, November 2016.

SANAD Housing Finance Study MENA – Research and Field Visit Results“, Workshop held at Finance in Motion, Frankfurt, March 2016. Without investment reconnaissance results.

Mortgage Consumer Protection in Europe – New Regulations, Ongoing Challenges“, Presentation held at the 3rd International Forum on Housing Finance organized by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea, Seoul, November 2015.

Mortgage Market and Regulation Trends in CEE Countries“, Presentation held at a Workshop of the National Bank of Poland, Warsaw, November 2013.

Specialized Housing Finance Institutions in Crisis – Unwind or Reform?“, Presentation given at the International Monetary Fund, June 2012.

A New Mortgage Credit Regime for Europe“, Final Presentation of CEPS-ECRI project, Brussels, June 2011.

Early Repayment and Rate Adjustment/Reset“, Presentation during the CEPS-ECRI project, Brussels, October 2010.

Regulation of Foreign Currency Mortgage Loans – the Case of Transition Countries in Central and Eastern Europe“, Presentation given to the 4th World Bank conference on Housing Finance in Emerging Markets (with Simon Walley), Washington, May 2010.

Consumer Information & Protection in Mortgage Finance – Some Lessons from Subprime and Issues in Emerging Mortgage Markets“, Presentation given to the 3rd World Bank conference on Housing Finance in Emerging Markets, Washington, May 2008.

Mortgage Market Integration in Europe: Structures and Policy Issues“, Presentation given at Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, July 2007.

Sistema Brasileiro de Poupança e Empréstimo (SBPE) – Issues and Reform Options“, Presentation given to the Brazilian Central Bank BACEN, February 2007.

Selected media work mortgage market / products / policy / institutions

To be continued.