Welcome to the professional website of Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel, doing business as Finpolconsult.

I am an international consultant in housing, mortgage, related insurance, contractual savings for housing and mortgage capital markets. I do sector analysis, policy design, investment reconnaissance and business consulting based on over 30 years of work experience in ca 50 countries worldwide.

Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel

My business philosophy is to provide strictly independent advice to international organizations, governments and firms in a policy and business environment increasingly dominated by special interests and related conflicts.

I combine mathematical-statistical analysis, economic and financial analysis, legal and regulatory and policy analysis tools and so am able to offer a comprehensive response to issues at hand in these sectors, whether as single consultant, team leader or specialist within a team.

I am also a political person with a track record of crisis management and mediation in areas such as financial regulation or consumer protection. During the Great Financial Crisis from my angle as a mortgage sector specialist as ‘Mr. Bail-in’ I helped formulating and coordinating the public sector response globally that reshaped the financial system.